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Global Internet Statistics Survey 2012

The Global Internet Statistics Survey 2012 is a worldwide survey that included more than 12,000 Internet users in over 18 countries, and uses optimized algorithms to make sense of real-time data that is gathered from the Internet around-the-clock. This provides a reliable source of information on Internet usage and emerging trends.

Respondents were not only asked about their Internet usage, but also about their attitudes towards the Internet and how they behaved online. This aims to answer one of the biggest questions that our world faces when it comes to the behaviour of people online.

Questions in the survey covered areas like, what the respondents’ attitude to privacy issues is, such as the management of their personal information online, especially on social media sites.

Our market survey on the population of Internet users for 2012 have shown these preliminary results.

Attitudes towards the Internet

  • 97.8% of users agreed or strongly agreed the Internet is necessary for knowledge and education.
  • 81.2% agreed or agreed strongly that the Internet is beneficial for both the individual and society.
  • 74.3% of users have used the Internet to pursue knowledge that interests them.
    • General Internet usage

      • 2.478 billion people globally have used the Internet for ecommerce, and of those, 1.024 billion people come from Asia
      • 95.6% indicated they access the Internet at least once a day.
      • 91.7% indicated they use social media, with a majority (62.7%) using it daily, an increase of 10.9% over 2011.

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